First Friday  

First Friday


Friday, March 6th beginning at 5 pm

The classic film, The Big Lebowski, ushered in a wave of "Dudeism," a philosophy to simply take 'er easy, no matter what. March 6th is the nation's official day to join with others in a "Dude" state of mind. A few White Russians are a must while you chill with friends on The Avenue in your bathrobe and shorts, or a bowling shirt and sunglasses. Be sure to listen to some Creedence on your way.

Spread the word. The Dude abides!

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BED cup

We welcome you to BED - The Bellevue Entertainment District

Enjoy adult refreshments along Fairfield Avenue when you purchase a drink in the special BED cup at a cost of 50 cents. Visit your favorite shops, restaurants, and bars with a drink. Socialize along the sidewalk in the BED district along Fairfield Avenue.

The times and days for allowing the use of the BED cups are noon to 10 p.m. Thursday through Saturday; the rules are on the BED cups, at participating business entrances and street signage; and, that participating is voluntary—if a business owner does not want BED cups in his or her business, they don’t have to allow it. Please don’t be rude if you’re asked to leave your BED cup out of a business. Say, thank you, and take the cup out of the store; then, go back in and

We’re trying to enhance our local businesses' chance for success. We’re trying new ideas. Utmost here is to be clean and safe, but we want to stand out and be the best city we can be. The BED program is an experiment. Let’s give it a try and see how it's working.



First Friday  

Every first Friday, In Vue hosts a fun-filled evening along historic Fairfield Avenue. The shops, restaurants, and other participating businesses are open late with many offering open houses and specials to compliment the evening’s themed activities.  


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